The Elimination Food Plan

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it's NOT normal to have symptoms like:

  • headache

  • bloating

  • brain fog

  • joint pain

  • heart burn

  • weight gain

  • chronic disease like; diabetes, arthritis, eczema, high blood pressure, hyperthyroid etc.

You'rE Not Getting Old

People say, "I'm getting old, that's why I feel this way" and this is simply not true!  Food can be the source of the symptoms, making you feel old, by causing inflammation, cell damage, and a leaky gut, among other things.  Don't you want to know??  

Food is often overlooked, even though research shows that an Elimination Food Plan is the gold standard (Wood, 2015) to address symptoms & illness without adding medicines, blood tests, or buying supplements or additional foods. 

Begin the healing process

Linking certain foods to the source of symptoms and removing them, allows your body to begin to heal and you WILL feel better.


The Plan...

In our plan, we remove commonly sensitive foods for 21 days & then bring them back one by one to see how your body, mind & spirit responds. 

It's like an experiment to find your best health!  

You'll discover why you are feeling the way you are, and learn some of the science about why it's important to remove certain foods & how this affects overall health.

PLUS... we ADD many more foods to help you feel stronger, healthier, have more energy & FEEL BETTER!  In addition, you'll experience the benefits of decreased inflammation, gut health & reduced toxic burden!

We couple all this fun with the amazingly educated, professional & personable board certified Nurse Coach Nicole as your facilitator. She understands the science of healthcare & the art of really caring for you.  

You will understand how it feels to know that someone really cares about your health!

Why do it?

Whether you are looking to improve or sustain your health, find a food sensitivity, reduce symptoms like; lethargy, headaches, joint pain, bloating, congestion, anxiety, acne, or mood swings, our Elimination Food Plan uncovers the hidden truths about the foods you eat, helps you understand how food will support you, & your ability to generate more energy, vitality & quality of life.

What results can I expect?

Check out the photo titled, 'Elimination Food Plan Features', or read about Sue, one of our success stories, who is combating severe muscle cramping & fatigue living with Parkinson's Disease.  You can also click Real Client Success Stories. 

we are Completely AcCESSIBLE 

We've designed the plan to make it easy, no matter where you live. We'll send you online education presentations so you can learn in the comfort of your home, and you'll receive online and telephonic support, texting accountability and access to a Group that knows exactly how you're feeling.

Discover your BEST health & wholeness. 

Your investment:  $175/person

  • nine weeks of group access and connection to a board certified Nurse Coach to keep you on track!

  • pre and post questionnaires to track your progress

  • two online education presentations to watch before each phase of program

  • hands on comprehensive guide for learning & reference 

  • recipe booklet with easy & yummy ways to eat

  • food & shopping lists

  • daily recipes

  • access to a secret Facebook group for support & inspiration, daily motivation, new recipes & health information

  • ongoing connection over 9 week period with Nicole Vienneau, MSN, RN, NC-BC, plus weekly personal check-ins via your preferred method (text, email, phone conversation)


Online Education Sessions Include

Elimination Phase:  

  • Learn how to be successful during the Elimination Food Plan Phase

  • Receive clear education about the what, why, how, & when of this Food Plan

  • Receive Institute for Functional Medicine tools including a Comprehensive Guide, Food Lists, Recipes & Menus

  • Complete Systems Questionnaire #1

  • Learn some cool science, so you understand how this food plan affects your present and future health

Reintroduction Phase

  • Learn how to be successful during the Reintroduction Phase

  • Receive clear guidance about how, what, why, when to Reintroduce foods back into your diet, and what to look for in your body, mind and spirit

  • Learn more cool science, so you keep learning how your decisions influence your health

  • Receive your Systems Tracker Worksheet

Dates you need to know!

Week 1 (January 7-13, 2019):  Elimination Phase Education & Planning, Systems Questionnaire #1

Week 2-4 (January 14-February 10, 2019):  Elimination Phase

Week 4 (February 4-10, 2019): Reintroduction Phase Education & Planning 

Week 5-8 (February 11-March 3): Reintroduction Phase

Week 9 (March 4-11): Systems Questionnaire #2 and preparing to close out group communications

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