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GROUP Elimination Food Plan Series 1 & 2

"I feel I have more control over what I choose to eat.  I'd give in way too easily before, and now it's honestly an after thought.  So glad I did this.  I learned a lot about my inner self."  ~Jamil

Food can be a source of inflammation that can cause things like headache, bloating, joint pain, heart burn and weight gain. Often food is overlooked, even though it is a simple way to address illness without the addition of medicines or testing. 

Our GROUP Elimination Food Plan includes 2 education sessions & support from a Registered Nurse.  We also use the supportive tools from the Institute for Functional Medicine to ensure you are successful. 

Join us on March 14 & April 4, 2017 6-7:30pm

Your investment for your health:  $75.00