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GROUP Elimination Food Plan Series 1 & 2

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Food can be a source of inflammation causing symptoms like headache, bloating, brain fog, joint pain, heart burn, weight gain & even diseases like diabetes, lupus, arthritis, & other autoimmune diseases. Food is often overlooked, BUT, research shows that the Elimination Food Plan is the gold standard to address illness without adding medicines or invasive testing. 

We eliminate foods that many people are sensitive to for 21 days, then bring them back one by one to see how our bodies, mind & spirit respond to them.  It's like an find your best health!

Our GROUP Elimination Food Plan includes 2 education sessions & support from a Registered Nurse along the way.  We include access to supportive tools, like recipes, food lists & questionnaires from the Institute for Functional Medicine & you will be part of an online community to share & ensure your success. 

This program is designed to do as a group.  Everyone will begin the Elimination & Reintroduction phases on the same date (May 8 & May 29) & follow through with each other until the end!

If you live in the Fort Worth, TX area, you are encouraged to attend two in-person sessions to understand the process.  If you live away from Fort Worth, you will receive two educational videos to watch & learn before beginning the Food Plan.

We want you to Feel Better, so you can Live Better!  And understanding how food affects YOU will help you improve your health. 

Session Dates:  May 2nd & May 23rd, 2017 6-7:30pm

Your Health Investment:  $75.00