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Lunch & Learn

We have a passion for sharing health education & LOVE coming to your work space to bring it!  Social isolation is becoming a problem, so we want to create a healthy community within YOUR community.

We will come to you, during your lunch break & share up-to-date health & wellness topics to inspire your team to live better.

Sample Topics:

Eating for Health & Energy:  Easy ways to use food as a source of vitality & health.
Meditation 101: What is meditation?  What is the science behind it & why is it good for me?  How do I do it in a simple way? 
Decrease Your Environmental Toxic Burden: How to reduce toxic exposure in your home. Simple ways to do it!
Create Your Own Self-Care Toolbox: In our busy world, it's easy to forget to care for ourselves.  Making your own Self-Care Toolbox brings you to a very personal space, & opening it can shift a stressed or irritated moment, to a calm, & patient one. Discover the Power & Freedom of Mindful Eating. Mindfulness promotes balance, wisdom & acceptance of each moment, while eating, without self-judgement.  


We will bring movement & fitness to you too!  Check out this link for more ideas about Fitness Lunch & Learns