Meet Nurse Coach Nicole

Nurse Coach Nicole

I want you to feel better, so you can live better.

I believe that we hold magnificent potential & internal power. 

As a Critical Care Registered Nurse for 20+ years, I watched our broken healthcare system try, but fail us.  I realized our system had stopped taking the time to listen to our unique stories & because of the rush we missed out on details that could help!  

I knew I had to do my part to fix the system so each of us could feel healthy & whole, so I created Blue Monarch Health, PLLC.

When your doctor tells you, ‘reduce your stress’, or, ‘exercise’, or, ‘sleep better’, or, ‘you need to lose weight’, or ‘watch your blood sugars’, or a myriad of other terrifying things to change, and then leaves you without a plan to do it, I step in and become your partner.  Together, we devise an achievable action plan. I never tell you what to do. Instead, through self-exploration, education, and listening, we develop YOUR plan!

Creating a no-judgment environment is essential to your finding health & wholeness. Couple acceptance with the art and science of medicine, and our partnership will reignite your strengths & wisdom, along with a deep understanding of what brings you your version of good health.

Through self-exploration & use of complementary & alternative healing modalities like food, meditation, guided imagery, yoga, exercise, music, & humor you will establish the skills & confidence to thrive in your healthy life.

Other Nurse Coach Nicole Stuff...

I earned my Master's degree in Nursing Science & System's Leadership from the University of Arizona (go Cats!) & believe it's important to continuously learn & grow on our life journey. 

I achieved an Integrative Nurse Coach board certification through the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation & graduated with an Advanced Nurse Coach certificate from the International Nurse Coach Association (INCA), & a certificate in Advanced Clinical Nutrition in an Integrative Nurse Coaching Practice from the Institute for Functional Medicine & INCA.  I am adjunct faculty with INCA, a Six Sigma Change Agent, a certified National Fitness Presenter with the American Council on Exercise & a Personal Trainer with the Athletics & Fitness Association of America, a former Reebok Sponsored Fitness Athlete, Motivational Speaker, Educator &, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend & Crazy Cat Owner.

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