Feel Healthy & Whole by Partnering with a Nurse Coach

Partnering with a Board Certified Nurse Coach, restores your vitality, happiness & good health. 

Nurse Coaches are Registered Nurses who specialize in lifestyle strategies to help you feel your best.

Nurse Coaches listen deeply to understand your unique needs, and don’t give you ‘orders’, instead, we help you realize your inner wisdom, your strengths, & the possibility to seek & act on your needs, thus enhancing your ability to care for yourself with deep meaning.  

Nurse Coaches understand the science of health & the art of truly caring for you as an individual, and we also understand the health care system, so we can help navigate it with you.

A Nurse Coach is a fierce advocate for all things related to you and your health.

Here's a link to an article published in the healthcare industry leader MultiBriefs, titled, Nurse Coaches are Essential to Healing Healthcare and one of our blogs, 9 Things to Expect when Partnering with a Nurse Coach, which shares more about the value of partnering with a Nurse Coach.

Nurse Coaching sessions:

  • revolve around your needs, desires & goals

  • create a deeper sense of self, accountability, reflection & planning

  • help you focus on yourself without interruption or judgement

  • can be 1:1 in person, video chat or telephone

  • are 30-60 minutes long

  • are easy to schedule

  • can be in a small group or team

  • are with a board certified Nurse Coach who is a Registered Nurse, bound to the Code of Ethics & confidentiality for Nursing