7 Things to Expect when Partnering with a Nurse Coach

A Nurse Coach is a Nurse who has chosen to advance their degree by undergoing extensive education, practice & mentor-ship, learning the tools, concepts & theories to coach you or your team towards best health. Nurse Coaches are devoted to the science of healthcare & the art of nursing & caring, & are positioned to provide a unique set of skills to support your life journey.

As Nurse Coaches, we believe that everyone has their own definition of health & that even in desperate illness, one can find health, if that is what they seek.  It is our vision that you will learn to understand your internal wisdom, & through this understanding, you will discover your unique pathways in all stages of life & death.

Nurse Coaches see you as a whole being, with distinct individuality.  We honor you by listening deeply to your story & then seek your partnership, uncovering your growth, healing, well-being & possibility.  

7 Things to Expect whEN Partnering with a Nurse Coach.


Be Listened to & Heard
Your unique story needs to be told!  A Nurse Coach listens deeply as you share your truth & guides you to answers deep in your soul. 
Your discoveries have the potential to change your health destiny.

Be Surprised by Your Strengths.  
Your gifts need to be highlighted!  Nurse Coaches reinforce your assets.  It feels amazing when someone recognizes your fullest potential & asks you to shine.

Enter the ‘No Judgment Zone’.  
You’ve been judged enough. Nurse Coaches accept you as you are.  Freely express your fears & desires since Nurse Coaches are bound by confidentiality.  Plus, Nurses have been rated the most trusted profession for 15+ years!


You won’t be Told What to Do or How to Do It!  
Nurse Coaches know that doesn't work.  A Nurse Coach is your partner, helping you see your wisdom.  Your wisdom guides you to your power & how to achieve your dreams. The choice is yours.

Clear Your Space.  
You are unique & it’s normal to get lost in stagnant patterns.  A Nurse Coach will help you refocus & discover your special way of being a blessing to yourself & those around you.

Re-ignite Old Passions & Find Hope.  
It can feel frustrating & scary when we lose our purpose in life.  Nurse Coaches offer listening ears, options, information, resources & education, bringing you limitless possibilities.

Develop YOUR Action Plan.  
It’s normal to feel lost at times & we know it can be difficult to ask for help.  Nurse Coaches partner with you to create your personalized plan for a supported & successful journey. 

There are a wide variety of Nurse Coaches across the United States, Canada and New Zealand.

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Advanced Integrative Nurse Coach Graduates from the International Nurse Coach Association. 

Advanced Integrative Nurse Coach Graduates from the International Nurse Coach Association.