Meet Nurse Coach Nicole

feel better, so you can live better.

I believe that you hold magnificent potential & internal power. 

As a Critical Care Registered Nurse for 20+ years, I watched our broken healthcare system try, but fail us.  I realized our system had lost its ability to listen and hear the unique stories of patients, because of the business rush.  

I knew I had to do my part to fix this broken system so I created Blue Monarch Health, PLLC. A place where humans can feel safe, without the rush, to share their story and heal.

When the healthcare system tells you, ‘reduce your stress’, or, ‘exercise more’, or, ‘sleep better’, or, ‘you need to lose weight’, or ‘watch your blood sugars’, or a myriad of other terrifying things to change, and then leaves you without a plan, I step in and become your partner. 

Together, we devise your achievable action plan. I never tell you what to do. Instead, through self-exploration, education, and listening, we develop the plan that works for YOU!

A judgement free environment is essential to you discovering your health & wholeness. Couple that with acceptance, presence, the art and science of medicine, and the honesty only a Nurse can provide, our partnership will reignite your strengths & wisdom, along with a deep understanding of what brings you your version of health.

Through self-exploration & use of complementary & alternative healing modalities like food, meditation, guided imagery, yoga, exercise, environment, music, & humor you will establish the skills & confidence to thrive in your healthy life.

Much love & respect,


Other Nurse Coach Nicole Stuff...

I earned my Master's degree in Nursing Science & System's Leadership from the University of Arizona (go Cats!) & believe it's important to continuously learn & grow on our life journey. 

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I achieved an Integrative Nurse Coach board certification through the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation & graduated with an Advanced Nurse Coach certificate from the International Nurse Coach Association (INCA), & a certificate in Advanced Clinical Nutrition in an Integrative Nurse Coaching Practice from the Institute for Functional Medicine & INCA.  I am faculty with INCA and an approved supervisor for Nurse Coach students, Six Sigma Change Agent, a certified National Fitness Presenter with the American Council on Exercise & Personal Trainer with the Athletics & Fitness Association of America, a 200 YTP Yoga Instructor with the Yoga Project (Thailand), a former Reebok Sponsored Fitness Athlete, Educator & Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend & Crazy Cat Owner.