Make disease management & injury prevention culture, by adding onsite Registered Nurse Coaches who are specialists in lifestyle strategies to improve the health behaviors of your employees.

progressive leaders know...

Progressive Leaders know that workplace wellness programs are imperative for employee satisfaction, retention and good health.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention note that, six in ten Americans live with at least one chronic disease and four in ten have two or more chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity or stroke, leading to disability and death. Chronic disease is a major cause of our nations $3.3 trillion in healthcare expenditure.

We take a personalized, whole person approach to engage employees in their health and well being encouraging them to be partners in their health destiny. And, we have fun doing it!

Nicole Vienneau MSN, RN, NC-BC

The Harvard Business Review Journal notes, “Every dollar invested in the intervention (workplace wellness program) yielded $6 in health care savings.”

Imagine employees at work, full of energy, positivism and drive to do their best work.  Imagine them filled with collaboration, engagement, improved attention, productivity, idea generation, happiness and vitality.  Imagine them disease free and thriving at work and at home!

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We partner with your North Washington State small business to establish optimal healing environments, so everyone feels their best at work, and this feeling then transcends to home!


We establish a unique, optimal healing environment, by incorporating engaging highly qualified and committed Registered Nurse Coaches into your work environment, enhancing your employees ability to thrive at work and at home. This individualized partnership reduces healthcare related cost by reducing health risk, and improving healthy behaviors.

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Registered Nurses are leaders in condition prevention, management and wellness promotion to keep employees healthy in body, mind and spirit. Nurses have been voted the most honest and ethically sound profession by the Gallup Polls for 17 years (and counting!), and are fierce advocates and allies to maneuver in the healthcare space.

Your onsite Registered Nurse Coach will reduce employer healthcare costs and sick days, improve employee retention, engagement and productivity, build employee resiliency and keep employees free from disease. 

The Harvard Business Review Journal notes, “Every dollar invested in the intervention (workplace wellness program) yielded $6 in health care savings.”



An onsite Registered Nurse Coach provides individualized condition prevention and management coaching strategies to improve employee satisfaction and overall health, and reduce errors, turnover, burnout, injury, lost productivity from sick time, injury, and insurance expenditure.

There is nothing better than face-to-face, personalized interactions.


Your onsite Registered Nurse Coach (RNC) provides:

  • 1:1 integrative health coaching to help each employee understand what is important them regarding their health. Each health coaching conversation leads to incremental adjustments to improve wellness markers and increase vitality and focus at work and at home

  • Small group coaching. There is power in like individuals aligning to discuss their health

    Group coaching includes RNC lead disease prevention education, group discussion and outcome-based activities over time. Group topics could include: blood pressure control, building resiliency through stress reduction, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease prevention, pre-diabetes prevention and a myriad of topics specific to workplace needs

  • Preventive screenings, Biometric screenings, Metabolic syndrome analysis and Health risk assessments

  • Dynamic Lunch and Learns. 30-60 minute education-based learning on topics like; Self-Care with Little Time, Meditation 101, Healthy Eating on the Go, Mindful Eating, From Counting Sheep to Better Sleep, and many other topics of interest

  • Meditation and Mindfulness Classes

  • Blood pressure screenings

  • Tobacco cessation

  • Movement & Fitness classes like yoga, balance training, body weight and compound muscle movement, training for a 5k, establishing walking groups

  • Assistance with creating structured Wellness Committees

  • Navigation through the healthcare space

  • Maternity programs

  • Establish an Optimal Healing Environment