Feel Healthy & Whole with a Nurse Coach

Partnering with a Board Certified Nurse Coach, who is a health coach, restores your vitality, happiness & good health. 

Nurse Coaches specialize in deep listening to understand your unique needs.  We help you realize your inner wisdom, your strengths, & the possibility to seek & act on your needs, thus enhancing your ability to care for yourself with deep meaning.  

Nurse Coaches understand the science of health & the art of truly caring for you as an individual.

Here's a link to an article published in the healthcare industry leader MultiBriefs, titled, "Nurse Coaches are Essential to Healing Healthcare" and one of our blogs, 7 Things to Expect when Partnering with a Nurse Coach, which shares more about the value of partnering with a Nurse Coach.

Nurse Coaching sessions:

  •  revolve around your needs, desires & goals
  •  create a deeper sense of self, accountability, reflection & planning
  •  help you focus on yourself without interruption or judgement
  •  can be 1:1 in person, video chat or telephone
  •  are 30-60 minutes long
  •  are easy to schedule
  •  can be in a small group or team
  •  are with a board certified Nurse Coach who is a Registered Nurse, bound to the Code of Ethics & confidentiality for Nursing