Nature Calls

Nature makes me happy.  Flowers, birds, turtles, cats, weeds, clouds, ponds, trees, fish, snakes, dogs, humans (not in order of favorites).  Having just read an interview from the Harvard Business Review, titled, "Gazing at Nature Makes You More Productive:  An Interview with Kate Lee", I thought I'd try the 'green micro-break'.  (

Here's Ms. Lee's study in a very rudimental synopsis.  Two groups of participants were given 40 seconds of break after completing 5 minutes of work.  During the break, their computer screen imaged 2 different rooftops among tall buildings.  One roof was covered with a flowering green-meadow and the other was covered in concrete.  Ms. Lee's research showed that those whose viewed the image of the green roof had improved concentration compared to their peers who spent 40 seconds viewing the cement roof.  In fact, those who looked at the cement rooftop showed a decrease in concentration.

Today, I am working seated close to a window, I set my alarm to ring every 30 minutes, to trial the 'green micro-break'.  Basically, I work and when the alarm beeps, I look up from my computer and gaze out the window for about a minute.  I don't have any fancy stats, or data to support my DIY study, except that I feel amazing, refreshed, calm, alive AND I have completed more in one morning than I EVER have, because I have taken the time to refresh my mind, body and spirit with nature.

I have seen a squirrel, 2 hummingbirds, 3 white herons, a turtle, a floating butterfly, the wind blowing the weeds, the sun rising, then later, it covered in white fluffy clouds.  It got dark, and I hoped for rain, but in 30 seconds, the sun came out.  And the BEST thing I've witnessed today?  Not 10 seconds before my alarm rang, a huge bug clunked on my window- I think it was a clear sign that nature is calling me to my best self.

Enjoy nature- it refuels your concentration, your mind, your body and your heart.