Float Like a Butterfly

Float like a Butterfly

A butterfly appears to flit and fly about our world with little purpose, float, land, flit, and then land for mere seconds only to take off and traipse through the sky to its next adventure.

But when you take notice of the butterfly, I mean, really see it, you realize it has distinct purpose.  Its mission is to bring life to each flower it touches; sharing bits of pollen, flower to flower.  Its duty is to deliver life sustaining love and care to all it touches.     

Such is the mission of a Nurse.  We float about our day; task to task, patient to patient, mission to mission; flower to flower.  In everything and everyone we touch, we share traces of our love, our kindness, our light and our whole body, mind and soul to care for our patients.  Our purpose is REAL, and sustains and shares life.  

When you find your energy dwindling, or your light dampening: Float like a BUTTERFLY.  A beautiful, soaring, strong and purposeful butterfly, with the heart and soul of a Nurse.