The Day (and Night) I Almost Lost Moozie

Here at Blue Monarch Health, we are focused on sharing ideas and tips you can do daily to maintain your health, and sharing your life and love with a pet- is one of those things!

Here is a story that we experienced this summer. And we’d do it all again for the love of our pets.

His Name is Moozie

Moozie and Yubbies.jpg
Me and Moozie.jpg

I have a new pet. His name is Moozie (it was also once Tom, Chili, and Moo-Moo). My awesome husband Patrick aka Yubbies picked him. He was the tiny kitty, sitting lifeless in his litter box at the local pound. As soon as he was in our arms, he snuggled in and knew he was ‘ours’. Best decision. Everrrr.

This is the story of the Day (and Night) I almost Lost My Moozie.

June 2018.

So. I lost my little Chili

Moozie Baby.jpg

So. I lost my little Chili-moomoo for over 12 hours yesterday in my neighborhood in Texas that has all kinds of creatures that can eat little kitties.

I was devastated when I realized I had opened our patio screens for the lawn guys and Chili was out there. He was terrified by the lawnmowers and took off.

He had never been outside on his own before. He’s only 9 months.

That began a consecutive 12 hour search, canvassing of my neighborhood, calling his name and crying.

Moozie and String.jpg

I never saw a glimpse of him.

For 8 hours I never saw a glimpse of my little man. I placed food, water, litter boxes, his sleeping mat and his toys at the front and back of my house hoping he would smell his home. I can’t thank you enough for these wonderful suggestions.

At 9:50 pm my husband (aka Yubbies) said he saw something on our security cameras on the front lawn (what’s crazy is he was in Bermuda on business which is two hours ahead- but I know he was keenly aware of our lost baby and tapped into our devastation). I darted out, flashlight in hand to come face to face with a very large raccoon standing up on his hind legs, trying to look larger. But, out of the corner of my eye, behind big raccoon was the flash of my baby’s green eyes, but he got scared away from me trying to terrify the raccoon, and he took off running into the darkness- again!

Infused with great hope.

Moozie 7 months.jpg

But this infused me with great hope, because he was ALIVE! I will remind you, I live in Texas, on a lake, we have copperheads, water moccasins, bobcats, and an occasional alligator. 

I kept looking...calling, hoping and praying.
The raccoons ate all the food, snuck onto the back porch, tipped the water and on and on. Eff those raccoons! 🤬

At 11:45 pm, I decided, one more look for my little boy. I had changed into my PJs- shorts and a tank, flashlight, his fave string for enticing and cell in hand (this is important for later). On the road in front of the house, nothing. I went to the back, and my flashlight caught two eyes on the peninsula across from my backyard. I focused on it, willing my eyes to focus to find my moomoo. I kept walking towards the edge of our cliff, softly calling, “moomoo”, focusing... the peninsula eyes disappeared. 

But then I heard a faint Mew!!

But then I heard a faint ‘mew’!!!!!!!! 
I traveled cautiously down the stairs to our patio, ‘mew’ and then to the base of our dock. Mews became louder... where could he be in this vast blackness?!

I searched and scanned, keenly listening, focusing my ears and sight into the black, stepping carefully on the shore of the lake through short brush, coming closer to the ‘mews’, into taller reeds- and then, my flashlight caught Chili’s eyes!!!! My heart burst! “Don’t run little boy, it’s me!” (stay calm). “It’s me moomoo”. He was tucked under very tall reeds and I could barely see him.

Did I tell you it’s snake season?

Moozie skulls.jpg

I made my way towards him, willing the snakes away from him and from me. The reeds at waist height and did I tell you that it’s snake season?! 

I got to him. I needed both hands so tucked my cell in my short’s waist band and never noticed I dropped his red string. I reached towards him slowly, and touched his soft, precious fur as he kept mewing. I felt my cell phone slide out of my shorts into the reeds- but didn’t care! My moomoo was in my arms!!!! Into the house we went, his mews silencing as he nestled into the safety of my arms.

Oh. My. Heart.

Oh. My. Heart! ️

I chose to leave the phone in the reeds over night and had another one of my angels Heidi Taylor call my Yubbies to let him know Chili was safe! Relief and sleep.

Fast forward to the next morning.

Let the Phone Hunt Begin.

red string.jpg

Sun is up, let the phone hunt begin- how in the heck would I find it?!

I revisited the steps I took in the black of night, and arrived at the spot where I thought Chili had been found, this photo is what I saw!

The red string brought me right to my cell phone. Can you see the string?? Damn that string. lol

Special Thank you

A special thank you to some very special Angels who helped me in my time of need.
Peggy Riley who helped me search my neighborhood instead of going to a movie as we had planned. She is also my cat-Momma and wonderful friend. ️
Lynn Green who would have searched if I had let her, she posted on the neighborhood apps and had scheduled her morning to go to all the shelters to find him. ️
Angie Penland my neighbor who searched all around her home in all the ‘cat spots’️
Doris Casey and Nancy Crosskill my neighbors who kept me laughing and hopeful. ️
Kathy Nelson who reached out with such love, like Chili was her own. ️
Brittany Christian who sent me words of courage and her friend for searching for moomoo on her evening run. ️

I could not have done it without you.

And to ALL of you who prayed for hope and finding my boy. I could not have done it without you. ️️


And I would do it all again, for anyone and anything that I love.
And this is Moozie crashed this morning after last night’s adventure.

Moozie sleeping.jpg

Nicole Vienneau

Nicole Vienneau (said like piano with a 'V') MSN, RN, NC-BC is a registered Nurse, board certified Nurse Coach, personal trainer & yoga & group fitness instructor, & founder of Blue Monarch Health who specializes in helping people discover their power & wisdom to enhance their health & wholeness & prevent disease. When she's not coaching clients, she loves being in nature, relaxing with her cats or traveling with her awesome husband.