Assume a 'Health Identity'

Bill Bowerman, co-founder of Nike and Olympic track and field Coach says, “If you have a body you are an athlete”.  Consider the possibility that from this moment onward, you will be a Champion in your personal health vision.  Viewing yourself as an Athlete, a Victor, or a Competitor will change how you see yourself in your journey to health. It's just you assuming a Health Identity.

An Athlete trains their body, mind and spirit to win their sport and this is exactly what you are doing.  You are training yourself to be a Champion in the sport of life!  You are a Winner who is choosing to develop a sharper mind, a stronger body, and an enduring spirit. You are a Fierce Competitor who is fighting against disease, mood swings, and food cravings. You are Team Captain learning how physical success links you to more self-confidence, better patience, and clarity of thought. You are a Super Hero defending your family with your physical power. 

Connecting with your health's alter-ego allows you to see yourself as a Winner in your quest for health. This shift in thinking creates an alternative pathway for you to believe in your incredible capabilities and leads you and your followers to your entitled good health.