Teammates = Fitness Courage

To some, exercise can be scary, which may explain a piece of why the United States has an obesity epidemic

Do you do scary stuff alone (I don't like to)?  Have you walked a haunted house by yourself (heck no!)?  How about parachuting (double heck no!)?  Terrifying things need to be done in good company!

So why then, would you exercise alone? 

The solution to 'demystify the scary' of exercise is as simple as asking a friend to be your teammate. They will be your Fitness-Courage, supporting your quest to become a stronger, fitter, more flexible, more balanced and in-tune-with-your-physical-self YOU.

Teammates make movement more fun, they motivate, inspire and help one another succeed.

Teammates conjure courage and they never, ever let you quit.  Your Workout Buddy tells you that you look great, that you're strong, hard working, and lapping everyone else on the couch. They give you advice and they ALWAYS have your back. Team members send out 'memos' so their team wears the same color socks or shirts. Partners stick together, do the tough stuff as one, and they celebrate each other.  Teammates ask you to show up, even if you don't want to, and they never let you down. They see your challenge and push you to overcome it, always honoring your commitment to yourself and your health.  I mean really, all this good stuff? YES!  You need a Teammate NOW!

Tips for Finding a Teammate:

Take a Group Exercise Class.  Try going to the same class, at the same time of day.  You are sure to meet someone interested in the same things you are!  Make sure you let the instructor know you are new because they may introduce you to a buddy right then.

Join an Actual Team.  Community baseball, volleyball, bowling leagues are always looking for new participants.

Find a Beginner's Class.  Yoga, stand-up-paddle boarding, hiking, roller-blading.  Everyone is new, so they are looking for a buddy to explore with.

Ask a Neighbor.  Who better to commit to, than your neighbor?

Start a Moai.  Moais are small groups of people that provide social interaction and support, and you can find Moais in Blue Zones areas where citizens live beyond 100 years old!

Try or WorkoutBuddies .  You'll have to share a little bit of personal information with each site- but isn't that what you are looking for?  Like-minded people to get you moving!

Ask a Friend.  As simple as it might sound, your friend may be looking for some fitness courage too!

Who are your potential Teammates?  Who can you add to your Team to give you courage, accountability and fun?  How can you become part of a Team?  You can join our Team at Blue Monarch Health, where we want you to Feel Better, so you Live Better!