Teammates = Fitness Courage

Exercise can be scary, which might explain a piece of why the United States has an obesity epidemic. 

Do you do scary stuff alone (I don't like to)...?  Have you walked through a haunted house all by yourself (heck no!)?  How about parachuting (double heck no!)? 

Then why would you exercise alone?  Ask a friend to be your teammate in your quest to become stronger, fitter, more flexible, more balanced and in tune with your physical self. 

Teammates make movement more fun, they motivate, inspire and help one another succeed.

Teammates conjure courage and teammates never, ever let you quit.  Teammates tell you you look good, they tell you how to do things better and they ALWAYS have your back.  Sometimes teammates even send out 'memos' so the team is wearing the same color socks or shirts. Teammates stick together, do tough stuff together and celebrate each other.  Teammates will tell you to show up, even if you don't want to. 

Who are your Teammates?  Who can you add to your team to give you courage, accountability and provide you with fun?  How can you become part of a Team?