Health, Wellness & Wholeness

Health & wellness while remaining whole is a process.  It is understanding & integrating many sides of yourself, leading to a deep connection with inner wisdom & finding balance (Dossey, 2013).   We must focus on many aspects of living to maintain or find health, wellness & wholeness.  Nurse Coaching encourages you to dive into all 8 components of being human, nuturing each one & discovering what it means to be truly healthy & connected to who you are (click each one to learn more):  (1) Life Balance & Satisfaction, (2) Relationships, (3) Spiritual, (4) Mental, (5) Physical (Nutrition, Exercise, Weight Management), (7) Environmental, & (8) Health Responsibility (International Nurse Coach Association, 2014).  


You are constantly evolving

Instead of focusing on only problem areas, Nurse Coaches help you learn how to be fully present in your unique self. Your life journey is constantly evolving, as is your body, mind, spirit, culture & environment.  Cultivating all areas of health, wellness & wholeness keeps you present & fully alive.

healthy and whole

Living Healthy & whole

You have varying definitions of what 'healthy' & 'whole' is at different stages in life. Discovering what that vision looks & feels like, & then learning strategies so you flourish during all moments of life, will help you find health, wellness & wholeness; for even in illness, there can be health.


Integrative health & wellness assessment

The International Nurse Coach Association's Integrative Heath & Wellness Assessment is based on over 30 years of integrative, integral, & holistic nursing clinical practice, education & research & aids in the process of self discovery.  It contains many questions to guide you towards self discovery, & your ultimate health, wellness & wholeness.