The Elimination Food Plan: A Success Story

I have been honored to partner with many men and women as a Registered Nurse and board certified Integrative Nurse Coach and love facilitating Elimination Food Plan Groups.  The relationships I have cultivated have enriched my life far beyond my dreams.  I value every interaction, honor and respect those who share their personal struggle and successes with me and find it difficult to express how much my life has been improved through these amazing people.  

I have been researching the power of food for years and fully believe that food can change our lives for the positive (or the negative). I've made it a priority to share as much knowledge as I can with those in my circle of influence about how food heals. Our food choices really can affect our health.  I see it, first hand, in my work.  The whole idea that a lifestyle choice such as food can alter the outcome of our gene expression (called epigentics) is exciting!  That means we can control our genetic destiny, instead of it controlling us- just by altering our behavior!  

Elimination Food Plan Works!

The Institute for Functional Medicine's Elimination Food Plan, alongside the Nurse Coaching model, has helped many of my clients see the value of food by helping them uncover food sensitivities, heal their guts and instill body, mind and spirit awareness.  I've had the pleasure of facilitating small group coaching for those interested in feeling better through food, and boy does it work!

I had the honor of having my sister-in-law commit to one of our groups.  She is a brilliant light, full of energy, passion, extreme love and dedication to her family, funny, and so kind.  I call her 'Seester', and I knew she was struggling with health issues.  She is valuable to me and when a loved one entrusts you with their well being, you feel that love grow even deeper.  

I asked my Seester, to write a testimony about her experience in our Group Elimination Food Plan. I knew she was feeling a little bit better, but really had no idea how much better! Here is her testimony, and cheers to the power of her spirit, hard work and dedication!  #grateful

Sue's Testimony

"I am a 52 year old mom. When I was 41, I was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson's Disease. Parkinson's, a degenerative incurable disease, has always been considered a neurological condition starting with death of cells in the brain that create dopamine. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter responsible for motor control. After the discovery of dopamine generating cells in the gut it has become widely accepted that problems in the digestive system could very well be a cause of Parkinson's.

Many people with Parkinson's have not only tremors, muscle cramping, slowness of movement , but also considerable pain, difficulty sleeping, constipation, depression and numerous other difficulties. The main medication only treats motor control symptoms and as the disease progresses it becomes necessary to take larger and more frequent doses. Over time the side effects of the medication can often be worse than the symptoms themselves.

I knew I had to take measures to reduce the high doses I was taking after eleven years trying to manage my condition. After doing much reading and research I knew that I had to try and make some dietary changes. I didn't even know where to begin. I never was much of a cook and was intimidated by all the 'healthy' foods and how to prepare them. When I saw Nicole was coaching a Group Elimination Food Plan I signed up!

Before I started the plan, I could barely clean my house. My girlfriends would come over and help me do laundry. Fatigue, pain, bloated abdomen, muscle cramps, and brain fog were constant companions. I slept all the time, and couldn't shop at the mall without a wheelchair and helper. I dreaded grocery shopping.

After completing the Elimination Diet Program I am a firm believer!! Friends and family see the difference the moment they see me. I am alert, alive, focused, motivated. Pain is all but non-existent. I rarely experience muscle cramps and my abdomen is no longer bloated. I can toil all day, cleaning and cooking. I CAN cook! I am doing yoga now too and in a short two months have cut my medication down by over half!!

I have learned so much and will continue to pay attention to what my body wants and needs. This has truly been a life changing experience and I am so grateful!"  Sue

Join Us!

We are scheduling our next Group Elimination Plan.  Yes, it IS a commitment. You are worth it though.  REALLY, really worth it. Join us to discover how food affects you. Click the Elimination Food Plan box below for more information.