Spring Cleaning Your Health and Wholeness

We can all use some quick tips to clean up our health, and spring time is the perfect opportunity for renewal and growth.

Check out some topics and tips to consider as you spring clean your health and wholeness!


Spring Cleaning Tip #1


You have thousands of thoughts every day. Clean up the negative self-talk, comparison & cynicism. There will be less to ruminate about if your thoughts become filled with self-compassion, self-love & grace.


When you notice negative thoughts creep in, pause & breathe in & out deeply. Notice what happens. Find ways to bring joy into your work. Try making a list of things you love to do & actually carve out time to do them!

Spring Cleaning Tip #2


Some of your best work is done here. Clean up your area, de-clutter & organize, so your thoughts, work, & mind become focused & clear.


Set aside 20 minutes to clean. Remove everything from the surface; computer, tools, plants, papers etc (don't try to organize now). Use a solution of vinegar & water to clean surface. Clean knobs, pulls, and the telephone. Use compressed air to clean your keyboard. Toss old papers, magazines & stuff you don't use. Finally reorganize and toss out all the things that no longer serve a purpose to you and your vision of success.

Spring Cleaning Tip #3



Everything you do works for you in some way. These ways can be both positive & negative.


Assess what is important to you. Think or journal about them, make a list, or talk to a trusted friend or Nurse Coach. Decide if there is anything important you'd like to adjust. If so, imagine what your life will be like without (or with) your new habit. What will it feel like, look like, & even smell like? How will you see yourself with your new habit? Commit to ONE small adjustment & TRY IT! See what happens without any judgement. Of course, if you need help, a Nurse Coach can help!

Spring Cleaning Tip #4


Food is energy, information, connection & medicine for your body, mind & soul. Food is nourishing.


Read the fine print of every ingredient label. Look for ingredients with the smallest amount of words. Try reading ingredients out loud. If you can't pronounce a word easily, it may be a preservative, or chemical that your body may not need. Look for another product. Try to avoid sugar, high fructose corn syrup, cane juice, maltodextrose etc.

Spring Cleaning Tip #5


Sleep is imperative for repairing damaged cells, cleaning your brain from toxin exposure, & restoring your metabolic pathways.



Get into sunlight early in the day to set your internal clock. Limit night time technology & wear blue-blocker glasses. Sleep in a very dark & cool room. Remove ALL electronics (yes, cell phone & TV). Invest in linens you love. Explore deep breathing & meditation.

Spring Cleaning Tip #6


Today's world exposes you to stress often, causing stress hormones like epinephrine & cortisol to be active too often.


Acknowledge your personal 'stress-makers' & address them! Learn tools like deep breathing & meditation to induce the 'Relaxation Response' returning your body to center. Talk to a trusted friend or health coach. Try exercise, yoga, bowling, art, music, or other activities you love, removing you from stress. Even a few minutes will help you feel more like you.

If any of these tips seem overwhelming, consider a partnership with a Nurse Coach who is an expert at helping you organize what is important for you in your health and wholeness. A simple discussion will have you moving towards your priorities for health, vitality and happiness!

Meet Nurse Coach Nicole

Nicole Vienneau (said like piano with a 'V') MSN, RN, NC-BC is a registered Nurse, board certified Nurse Coach, personal trainer & yoga & group fitness instructor, & founder of Blue Monarch Health who specializes in helping people discover their power & wisdom to enhance their health & wholeness & prevent disease. When she's not coaching clients, she loves being in nature, relaxing with her cats or traveling with her awesome husband.